Julius Repo

Creator and thinker of fresh ideas.

Far far away, behind the fields, 30 kilometers from the city Helsinki. A small river named Tuusula river flows by the place. I grew up in Lahela, I skied to school in summers and winters. I got to grow and look my way. Today, I am an expert in creative advertising and the business field. I have an extensive academic background, which guarantees a rare high level of competence. Today I am 30 years old and my home country is Helsinki, Finland.

Here are some fun details about me. I’ve coached adult American football players. After my physical coaching season, the Wasa Royals team reached the highest league level in Finland (Vaahteraliiga, 2015). I stood with a sign on the Helsinki Railway Square when I’m looking for a summer job (2012). The newspaper story was on the cover of Iltalehti and it was the most-read story of the day (internet).


2020 -
Master of Arts, Film and Television Producing | ELO | Aalto University | Helsinki, Finland
2011 - 2018
Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration), Accounting | University Of Vaasa | Vaasa, Finland
2014 - 2014
Undergraduate Student, Psychology and Sociology | Emporia State University | Kansas, USA
What I Do
  • Producing Film & TV
  • Producing Commercials
  • Concepts
  • Excel
  • WordPress
  • SEO, SEM & Digital Marketing
  • Coaching
  • Branding